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Posting vid’s

Hi Jason!

Look at that!

But few probs with uploading videos – says after pressing upload video link “Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt, pptx, docx.”



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Uploading Video

This is a sample video upload to demonstrate the way we will expect you all to upload video content to the Computational Environments Blog.  See your email for detailed instructions.

maxmsp blading sample file from computational environments on Vimeo.

Tutorial content file, included in max/msp installation. See to download and install max/msp.

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how to upload the vedio?????

Can anyone upload the vedio file? i try to do it, but it doesn’t work, it only allows pictures…

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Movement and sound transformation in “space”

Movement and sound transformation in “space”

Images rendered in 3D max

The images below displaying movement ,which then transfer energy on to the “objects”

The change in sound frequency alter the colors in a limited range condition




Lap Sze Leung

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Max/MSP tutorial files

This is for all students who are just getting started working with Max/MSP 5.

Below is a screenshot of Max 5 on a mac, showing how to locate the tutorial files.  Unlike Max/msp 4, the tutorial documentation is not included in a single pdf, rather they are included as .xml files to be displayed within the Max/msp 5 Documentation window.

Once you have opened Max/msp  5, just click ‘help’, then ‘jitter tutorials’ and you will be presented with a list, as shown below.


Clicking on any one of these items will bring up the working tutorial file (.maxpat) for that particular example;


Click ‘Open the tutorial’ and you will see the working patch.  If you want to open more than one patch at once, simply locate the folder they are contained in (in mac os x they are found i;

[Users / (user) / Applications / Max5 / Cycling ’74 / docs / tutorial-patchers / jit-tut / <tutorial files>]

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Hello Computational Environments!

This is the start of the Autumn 2009 Computational Environments studio in the Architecture Faculty at UTS.

We will upload our work here, along with comments, ideas and questions related to the use of interactive media technology in the architecture design studio context.

The ground rules are as follows;

i. Only original work is to be uploaded for display.

ii. External referenced works will be linked to for further investigation.

iii. Questions and Comments are required – this is a place for discussion and exploration of working ideas and prototypes.

iv. Post/comment as frequently as possible!

v. Please follow the Category/tag hierarchy (to be continued…)

Here are a couple of images from the week 1 studio presentations, showing visual concepts for a theatre set design;


Elliot Rosenberg.


Melissa Petrovic [‘EJM I + II’ by Diller Scofidio + Renfro].


Ben Yee.


Ben Yee [Processing example sketch].


Phoenix Low.

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